Sunday, April 12, 2009

First Real Trip in the Lil Truck Camper that Could!

I'm at Riverview RV Park which is situated right on the Mississippi River in Vidalia, Louisiana. Just across from the Bluffs of Natchez. Here's my first cup of coffee made in the little camper. This is my kitchen set up. You can cook a whole lot of things by using a George Foreman Grill and making hot water in the coffee maker.
I got here during a super downpour and I got wet getting in and out of the truck and back into the back of the camper. Plus there was a flash flood across my parking pad. With ankle deep water flowing under and around my truck, I did not feel it was the safest thing to plug in my extension cord. So when the rain slacked, I waded up to the RV Clubhouse and asked if I could move to higher ground. Since there were few people checking in on this rainy day, it was no problem. Once I got plugged in and set up inside the camper, I did not mind waiting out the rain, especially since I was able to get online!

It wasn't long before, the storm passed over and I was able to get out and walk over to the River. I enjoyed sitting there watching the mist roll in.
'tomorrow I will be going over to Natchez and will take a tour of 3 antibellum mansions. Then I'll do a fast drive thru St. Catherine's Creek Wildlife Refuge, which is what I had planned to do this afternoon, but the rain changed my plans. Tomorrow night will be spent at the State Park. Thankfully the forecast for both days is SUNNY!! I do now see a couple of spots that leak when it rains, so I will definitely have to get those fixed. But other than that, everything else in my camper has worked as I had expected and hoped for and it has been quite comfortable.

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