Saturday, October 17, 2009

Living now in Northwestern New Mexico

Well, 2009 has certainly been a year of surprises.

Started the year out trying to sell this little truck and ended up keeping it and getting the camper shell for it and making it into a cool little traveling mobile. I was all ready to start exploring the state parks in the Ark-La-Miss-Tex area.

But then in June I decided to heed my friend's wishes and move in with her and be roommates in a big ole log cabin in northern Tennessee . . . so I decide - OK - me & Lil Sporty will just have fun exploring everything within an 8 hour radius of Nashville - which would have been a whole lot of things to see and do . . . but . . .

In September, my roommate gets a job offer to come back to her home state of New Mexico and since I was having no luck getting a job in Clarksville (too many Army wives from Ft. Campbell competing for all the secretarial jobs), I decided why not go with her to New Mexico . . . it's a place I've always wanted to live and it's the Mecca of All Things Camping . . . sooooo

Here I sit 3 weeks post cross-country Move. I landed a GREAT job within days of being here, my friend now understands the wonders and joys of RV ownership and can't wait to own her own little home on wheels (which means I will have all the fun of helping her figure out what's she got without having to experience the pain of buying and maintaining it!!) and I've already been out exploring what this little town has to offer . . . and it's been alot!!! Been on two birdwatching walks along the Animas River and gotten lots of great photos, gone to several area museums, fairs, flea markets, etc. and can't wait until we get the chance to branch out to all the wonderful canyons and historical monuments of the Four Corners region. We both have our weekends off so there's no telling where we will go first. The choices are endless: Mesa Verde, Chaco Canyon, Durango Colorado train rides (something i've always wanted to do!), Shiprock, eventually even the Grand Canyon which is only 4 hours away.

So yes, it's hard to believe that this time last year I was just daydreaming about RVing and working seasonal jobs in the resorts out west and today I am actually in a place that will allow me to make those daydreams real!!!!

If I don't update this blog for awhile, you can always see what's happening at I renamed that blog. It used to be "Momcat's Musings", but now since I am no longer just musing about things, I changed the name to the more appropriate "The Adventures of Momcat!"

Here's some pics of where I am now:
The ShipRock (above) and roast mutton, green chilies on fry bread (below)
This is a beautiful office complex that I drive by every day. The colors of the adobe buildings and the fall color plantings are breathtaking!!!
The Animas River
You might think that New Mexico is nothing but desert, sand and cactus but nothing could be further from the truth here in northwestern NM. The Fall Magic is unbelievable around here!

hmmmm . . . what have we here?!
potential future yard art!

YIKES! so far I have not found out what this mutant hornet/scorpion/wasp thing is:
The group I went birdwatching with:
Living in Louisiana, I could never get a good photo of a Great Blue Heron. I come out west and viola!


kate said...

OMG. look what happens when i don't keep up on my blogs! i am so freakin' jealous! and happy for you, it looks so awesome there. i have weeks before i'll get out to that area. can't wait!

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