Thursday, June 11, 2009

Here's What's UP!!!!!

By mid-July I will be living in the great State of Tennessee!!! and I have a very good chance at a job as a school secretary which means I will have time off in the summer to go exploring to my heart's content!!!!! Plus there will be plenty of 3 day weekends!!!!! Where I will be living, I will be just a day away from the Great Lakes and the Smoky Mountains. And just a little bit further away is the Carolina Atlantic coasts and the beautiful Adirondacks and New England and on the other side - the Badlands of the Dakotas!!!!!! Me and my little truck can see sooooo many new places now!!!!!! and when I'm not on the road, I get to live in a 200 year old log cabin on 5 beautiful wooded acres with seven springs tumbling down to the Cumberland River!!!!! And I will be shairing this with my best friend for the past 25 years who has always believed in me as an artist and who will be encouraging me to create, create, create!!!!! We've always talked about "one day" when we were finished with offspring obligations and have shed the deadweight men in our lives and can come together and create a place that will encourage and inspire other artists and musicians - in fact - we spent New Year's Eve together (online - she was in TN, I was in LA) talking about this very thing. And viola'!! 6 months later it has become a reality!!!!! Since that New Year's Eve night, everything has fell into place for her and for me in a miraculous and most spiritual way that would blow your minds if I had the time to list it all . . . the very first thing being how I acquired the Baby Truck in January and got the camper top in March! It has just snowballed from there.

I can't wait to see what happens next!

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kate said...

oh, good for you! it sounds absolutely wonderful!