Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The DREAM is being realized!!

It is so cool how things have converged in spirit and energy to enable me to propel into my dream!!!

In September 2008, after being driven mad by working in a windowless cube, I started visualizing and/or dreaming (whatever you want to call it) about getting a job where I could travel and work seasonally in resorts/national park areas. This was a satisfying outlet for the rage in me that was building because I could not see the outside world where day turns to afternoon and the seasons change. I get so depressed if not close to a window. When my boss said we were moving to a new building and then informed me there was no window, I had warned him that this would happen. He just laughed. But I know my past work history . . . after a period of windowless existence, I get depressed and spring out of that place at the first opportunity. So he can't say I didn't warn him.

Anyway . . . to assuage and quiet the storms in my heart, I spent recreational time online searching all about seasonal jobs and what it would take to buy, own, maintain, drive my own RV - oh! this provided many hours of stress relief.

Fast forward to the beginning of this blog - when I posted "FOR SALE - FORD RANGER TRUCK" in January of this year. Well, the regular reader will know I didn't sell the Little Truck - La Troca Bebe - and she became the first piece of my puzzle!!

I had already decided a big RV was not for me!! and after finding that most awesome of websites: cheaprvliving.com - i had so many ideas for making my own Micro-mobile motel room. Oh what fun it would be to miniaturize camping stuff to fit the back of my truck!!

In March, I started visualizing what it feels like to have a camper on the back of the truck as I would drive along the road. By the end of that month, I had found the perfect camper top for the back of the bed of La Troca Bebe. I was set!!!

Instead of running away and working seasonally, my new goal was to take weekend trips to the sights and wonders within a day's drive of Northeast Louisiana. I was going to go on Birding Trails through out South Louisiana and trace the ancient Native American sites through out the ArkLaMiss area.

I got as far as Natchez and South Mississippi before a BIG TURN OF EVENTS TOOK OVER!!!

On May 21, my great friend who I have been friends with all the way back to our 20's called and said "I've found it." with IT being the most awesome wooded retreat-like place that we have always talked about - a place where we could co-exist and live and create and do and be!!

Fast forward to today!!! I'm sitting here in my lil basement artist studio/living space in the beautiful woods of Tennessee blogging on my blog . . . the windowless cube a distant memory!

I love how that happened!!! Thank you God for knowing the desires of my heart!

So with that all said, I will not be posting to this blog for awhile . . . at least until that next camping trip to the Smoky Mountains or the Great Lakes or maybe to Cumberland Falls. But in the meantime, if you want to know what is happening next, just save www.momcat02@blogspot.com to your Favorites - that's where you can check in for the latest pics of this awesome awesome place we live in (I just moved in on this past Sunday July 11 so my place is a work in progress) or you can see the latest music/art/spirit/yoga/nature fun thing that we doing at the moment!!!! Yippeeee!

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