Friday, September 11, 2009

Two Months Later . . .

The Only Constant is Change.

I have had a very interesting time in Clarksville, Tennessee. Thankfully I have remembered to enjoy my time off from working while at the same time looking for THE JOB. It hasn't always been an easy balance by no means as I am quick to stress over how I will pay my bills. But I was able to work a fun, quirky out of my normal relm of things kind of job which was just enough to keep me going and still gave me plenty of time to chill.

But I just had to ask myself and The Universe: Why isn't the job piece of this puzzle falling into place here in Clarksville, TN?

I even for a brief time thought that I was about to work the most fabulous and perfect new job EVER that would have made it soooo easy to go exploring the region's beautiful natural history & geography!!! I even made it Facebook official. But for some reason I just couldn't DECLARE it on my blog.

Fast forward a week later - that job is long forgotten and another couple ones have been surrendered to not meant to happen. AND ALL FOR GOOD REASON!!!! I am about 95% sure that by October 4, which will be exactly TEN YEARS TO THE DAY that I first touched New Mexican soil - i will be waking up in whatever our new temporary digs will be - making out the day's plan for the next level of my life!!!

So yes. On one hand - it's hard to believe. But on the other it all makes perfect sense.

So again I am packing. Shaving down my possessions to one more lighter level. One more step closer to being able to travel lighter and lighter. Thankfully it won't be as hard as the last time. I just got to take what's absolutely necessary and put the rest in storage for the time being. I started today and my bedroom is already done. and I have a TO DO LIST for the rest all mapped out.

The plan at this point is to haul out of here on October 1 heading to a point not exactly clear but will be one of two places in New Mexico!!!! Once we get there, we plan to stay at an RV campground for about a week or so to give us a chance to look around at the housing and make a good decision. Then Monica starts her job and I again start the job hunt. Which I know will be so much better than this go round because THERE I am meant to stay and work!!! and explore. and create. and live.

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kate said...

hey! catching up on the blogs i follow! good to hear you are moving towards new adventure! "lightening up" is an ongoing process for me. progress not perfection!