Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Daydreamin . . . filling time.

Since I am in between adventures right now, I'm updating this blog to daydream and fill in the time . . . next opportunity to GO . . . weekend of May 16. Will be heading to Texarkana, Texas to see David participate in a triathlon. Bonus will be watching HireJoe (bike), Sylvia (run) and Autumn (swim) as a relay team in the race as well. Sooo . . . as I wait . . . i look at photos.

Here's how it looks as you are crawling in:
Here's how it looks when you are inside looking out:
Ok - so I had those two leaks and now after a couple of big rainstorms, it looks like I got those places sealed up. In the meantime, I took everything out of the camper to make sure the stuff that got wet dried properly. As I did, I took photos of the stuff in sections to help me later on in case I need a reminder (ha ha) of what goes back in.

First up, the bed roll and all that it encompasses. the main thing I wanted to make sure got dried out well.
Next - shelving/storage stuff:
and then all the other stuff. Not all that much junk actually, I am happy to report.
Of course, there are those two black crates - one is the Pantry and the other is the Appliance Garage. Yeah . . . but this is pretty much all that it takes to make the MMR (mobile motel room) - Hurray!!! Not really all that much stuff. I'm a light traveler - that's the goal.


Reecius said...

I am glad to see that things are going well! I hope David did well in his Tri, I still have not done one since I have been home, to my ever lasting shame =)

Keep on trucking and enjoying your adventure. The rest of us are all back in the working world imagining the fun you are having.

Lisa in Louisiana said...

Thank you Reece for this comment. It is amazing how the tables have turned. Thanks for all your inspiration!!!!!!