Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A few additions . . .

I should have posted these photos a while back, but didn't have time. So today I will explain my super expensive curtain devices that will keep prying eyes from seeing what's in the back of my camper:

Ha! Ha! Yep . . . trash bags. I just used black duct tape and taped the trash bags up long ways across the windows, along with a couple of black shoe strings taped strategically along the way to use as tie-backs. They work perfectly and cost next to nothing.

Here's a pic of how I can use an Army-issued mosquito net to drape over the back of the camper when it is open. Air comes in but bugs stay out.
and I just had to put one more pic of the shelving unit that fits so perfectly in one corner. This gives so much accesible storage space and I use a couple of bungee cords to keep the drawers secure while the truck is moving.

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