Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Screen House!!!!

For Secretary's Day I received a Walmart Gift Card and I knew exactly what I wanted to get with it. A Screen House to add to my arsenal of camping stuff. Here is how it fits in with the camper:

A photo of the ever fabulous Coleman Kitchen:

And a space on the other side for my chair and I'm all set.

Of course, I will have to take extra precautions during the summer time when I set this up to make sure the bottom edges of the screen house are very close to the ground and maybe use that mosquito net to seal up the spaces around and under the truck. Otherwise mosquitoes will be coming in. If I can't do that properly, during the summer months, I'll just have to set the screen house up separately from the camper. But in Spring, Fall & Winter, this can be a nice arrangement to give me outside living space and kinda shield me from being so out in the open for other people to stare at me. Yuk.

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