Sunday, February 15, 2009

Introducing: My New Tow Vehicle!!!!!

Ok, two weeks later, with no takers on the sale of the '03 Ford Ranger, I have figured out how to make the monthly payment and even out the insurance payment in my budget, which means I am now very excited at the thought of actually owning a TOW VEHICLE!!! Ok, Ok, I know . . . it's not the ideal tow vehicle, but it is still a tow vehicle. And so I have spent this past weekend figuring out such things as GVWR and dry weight and cargo carrying capacity, etc. - important numbers that pertain to the towing capacity of The Baby Truck.
During my Google search trail, I ran across some exciting ideas!!! One is the ALiner pop up camper, which led me to a YahooGroup of women solo RVers, with a lot of the members owning an ALiner. Jackpot!!!!
So now my online search has splintered into checking out all the various links that the RVBuddies have generously shared with me and planning an upcoming trip to the nearest ALiner dearlership to check out one of these cute little towables. Got some other ideas as well brewing in my head, but those are for another post at another time.
For now, I leave you with an image from the RVBuddies homepage, complete with an ALiner popup camper:

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Lisa in Louisiana said...

The Aliner for sale in this photo is more than likely the model EASE, with a shower/bath, which would be awesome!!!! But this unit is about 4000 lbs because of that extra goody, soooo... for now this is out of my towing range. RATS!