Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Saved a bundle . . .

Just lowered my monthly insurance payment by dropping the comprehensive on my Celica down to liability. I'm not particularly jeopardizing myself as I still have comprehensive on the little truck and this will better help me balance my budget to include the truck payment and whatever payment I may end up having when I get that towable.

Oh, and I looked into the possibility of trading this Ford in on a Toyota Tacoma through the same dealership that we got the Ford from, and they said it was do-able but it would make my payment go up an additional $250!!!!! more a month. Which makes it NOT do-able in my book. It is a shame because that would have increased my towing capacity to at least 3500 lbs - maybe even up to 5000 lbs. Rats! Sooo.... I gotta stay small with my first towable - no more than 2000 lbs. Oh well . . . that will ensure that I can handle such and then just work up as time goes by. Gotta walk before you can run.

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