Friday, February 27, 2009

status on thought process . . .

Well, on Monday on the way back from Baton Rouge, I went to Jackson, Mississippi to look at an ALiner Classic so I could see one up close & personal for myself - I LOVED IT!!! of course!!

but since I still have another year or so before I can actually buy one (and once you've seen an ALiner, any ol' pop up camper won't do!) I will have to wait patiently and consider other ways of turning my little truck into a MOBILE MOTEL ROOM so I can go hither & dither around the ArkLaMissTex seeing sights without having to pay an arm & a leg for a place to stay.

Here is one possible option: check out getting a camper shell for my little truck and just outfit the inside of the truck bed kinda like what the VanDwellers are doing. I already have a Coleman Kitchen setup from my earlier tent camping days with my kids and I can use that outside the truck for an easy access cooking area. If I carry an easy set-up screen room, that would make my outside living area as nice as can be. The camper shell would allow me to have my "bedroom" up off the ground and be a little more secure than just a tent . . . then I could just stow everything and go.

This would certainly be a viable way for me to to go within a day's drive of some of the attractions in LA, Ark, Tx & Ms that I want to see and be able to semi-tent camp in semi-comfort (ha!) in a State Park or RV park.

One of my RVbuddies had this to say about the screen room idea: "having a screen room adds losts of living space i cover mine with large clear4 mil plastic (i put in gromet holes)that goes down the sides so if it rains or is chilly, the screen room is very comfortable. i use adjustable poles so the end sides afford a small awning affect and keepthe sides from the ground. chris santa fe NM"

So here is the to-do list: No. 1 will be the hardest: find a used camper shell for a reasonably affordable price; No. 2 assembly an assortment of camping stuff to make myself as comfortable as possible on my jaunts.

No. 3 Narrow down what I want to do and in what season/order: The Natchez Azalea Antibellum Home Pilgramage; Tyler, Texas Rose Festival; Hot Springs Spas & Baths; Cajun Country; Wild Seed Farms in Fredericksburg, Texas; Daylily Farm in southern Missouri (those last two would be a week long excursion); oh and go see my friend Monica in Taos, NM AND up in Nashville - also longer extended time involved.

That's like 2 years worth of very interesting sightseeing!!!!
gotta do it, gotta do it, gotta do it.

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Lisa from Louisiana said...

LOL little did I know when I mentioned taking road trips to see Monica in Taos & Nashville that a few months later we would be roommates in Tennessee for 3 months and then move out to New Mexico by October. Life is so funny!