Friday, March 27, 2009

The Eve of the Day of Expansion!!

OMGoodness!!! Can you believe that I am about to start going places for real in my little truck??? By getting this camper shell tomorrow . . . tonight . . . I am on the Eve of the Day of Expansion! The possibilities of the things and events I will be able to go and see are endless now that I am about to get the last link of the puzzle: THE MMR - Mobile Motel Room!!!!

For real, it was this time last year that Reece Robbins from San Diego, California rode his bike into Baton Rouge and couch surfed with David. And that's when I started reading his blog as he made his way across the United States and into Central America and down to Brazil. And I as a read his blog, it wasn't long before I wanted to do something similar. and now one year later, I am about to do just that!!! Just on a much smaller scale of course! LOL and maybe a little more comfortable.

So . . . hopefully I'll get a chance to add some photos and stuff to this blog while I am in Memphis tomorrow . . .

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