Friday, March 27, 2009

WOW!!!! I BOUGHT IT!!!!!!

A Leer Browning Hunter's Edition Model #180. New price for this topper is $1450. The Browning Hunter's Edition includes front slider, tinted side sliders, dual locking handles, removable Thule rack, full carpet insulation, folding clothing rack and ceiling-mounted lockable rifle box. All keys included. Price: $550

This was on EBAY at such a GREAT price and it is the same color as my truck, something I really wanted. It's a high rise and even though it's not the high rise I was looking for, I only lose 3 inches. Plus it has all those extras on the inside. Then I found out that the green one I was looking at in Ft. Walton Beach did not have slider windows - they only pop open, which would definitely cut down on the air ventilation, so after finding that out AND seeing there was another Buyer who was making offers on this one, I decided to go ahead and click "BUY IT NOW"!!!!!
This was located in south central Kentucky. I saw that it was just an hour north of Nashville and the distance was just a little over an hour more than the distance from here to Ft. Walton Beach, so I was even more convinced that I should go ahead and do it, plus I might get to visit my friend, Monica in Nashville on the way back. However, the Seller was not going to be home during the weekend of Easter, which is when I was planning to do all this. So after some discussion over the phone last night, we made a plan to meet TOMORROW in Memphis, which is the half way mark for both of us. He and his girlfriend are going to meet me tomorrow at a Pilot Truck Stop that we located online in Memphis and they will transfer the topper over to my truck and that will be that. I won't have to drive 2 days to get it or get a hotel for the night in between. Easier and a GREAT camper shell!!!!!
I'm gonna go ahead and keep my reservation for the Miss. State Park the night after Easter. Between now and then, I will put together all the comforts and conveniences to make my MMR (mobile motel room) just right and then go to Natchez that day and see some of the plantation homes, then head over to the State Park for the night to try every thing out. Oh yeah, did you know that Coleman now makes a DRIP COFFEE MAKER that fits on your Coleman stove. That is definitely going on the list of things to get!!!!!!! Yippeeeeeee!

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