Friday, March 13, 2009

Truck Topper - Where are you!!!

I am finding out that it is kinda hard to find a truck camper top that fits a Ford Ranger. However, there are plenty out there for Chevy S-10's and Dodge Dakotas to choose from. And so far, I have found really only one place online that is selling these things, and that is that place way off in Ft. Walton Beach. Well, I'm getting my income tax refund soon and although I have a long list of things that I need to take care of way before I go traipsing off to Florida to buy a truck camper, I still have it there last thing on that list. However, the only one that they have to fit my truck is RED. I really want one that will blend better with my white truck - I don't want to be sooooo obvious with a red topper on a white truck - what is stealth about that?!?! NOTHING. Here's photo of a SILVER one that I would love, except it fits an S-10 - but it is EXACTLY what I want, so hopefully by putting it out there in the Universe by posting it here on this blog . . . and here are a couple - same style - not crazy about the colors obviously . . .

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